Wednesday, August 06, 2008

World of Spongebob Template

From up in outer space, floating about with the moon, the stars, and the diamonds in the sky, Irvine landed for a while and swam with Mr. Splashy Pants and Spongebob Squarepants.

This template is inspired by both, as Spongebob is Irvine's favorite cartoon and we support the efforts of Greenpeace in saving not only Mr. Splashy Pants, but all sea creatures.

Move your mouse over and see the transition.

Early this year there were 2 activists from Japan who were detained due to their exposure of the whaling meat scandal. While hundreds of millions around the world have spoken out against whaling, Junichi and Toru are the only two who were imprisoned for working to expose the industry's corruption.

Over 252,000 people around the world sent messages of support and a quarter of a million people have emailed the Prime Minister, asking for release of the Tokyo Two. And of course Irvine and I were among those who supported.

Although their release was a success, the issue still remains and there are more problems to deal with. We only have one earth. And we need her as she needs us. Get involved! Remember, small choices have big impacts.

Greenpeace exists because our fragile earth deserves a voice. Please help.

For those interested, I can send you the code through email.

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