Saturday, January 05, 2008

Illustration Friday: 100%

Woeha! 100% Pure Fun!!!

Some people get sad if it's raining. But nuh-ah. Not me!
This is a drawing of me and my mommy playing under the rain.

And here's a little treat.. We both drew this too. She helped me liven up the wonderful clouds. And she said when there is rain the angels are taking a bath as well. Woah!

So I'm giving out angel dust to everyone who will leave me some HUGGSS...

update: We are starting a new place for kids of IF.
Please visit Illustration Friday Kids

8 Lovely People:

1:47 PM, January 07, 2008, Blogger Danielle McDonald gave a hug and said...

Irvine this is just gorgeous! Well done to you and your Mum! I am sending you some hugs in the hope that you will send me some angel dust!
Can you also please send some of that lovely rain to Australia as we are trying to recover from a long drought here! We will definately be out dancing in it then too!

Happy drawing!

6:30 PM, January 07, 2008, Blogger Jerine gave a hug and said...

Haha...I'm the one that feel sad when it's raining. I never knew it is shower time for the angels.

6:57 PM, January 07, 2008, Blogger wearingmybabies gave a hug and said...

I love it when it rains too...

9:52 PM, January 07, 2008, Anonymous irvine gave a hug and said...

@ Danielle - thanks and wonderful angel dust are on your way... Don't worry rain will come soon (the angels whispered to me to tell you)

@ Jerine - yeah! I hope now you smile when it rains.

@ waeringmy babies - Sometimes I collect rainwater and splash it everywhere! hihi ^_^

HUGGSS to All! Now I have you on my huggies list.

2:54 AM, January 08, 2008, Anonymous aynaku gave a hug and said...

hi irvine, tnx for your comment, much looks like you are very talented, and your mom too!

6:52 AM, January 08, 2008, Blogger get zapped gave a hug and said...

Simply darling! Playing in the rain is fun and thanks for reminding all of us ;)

9:28 PM, January 09, 2008, Blogger Irvine's Mom gave a hug and said...

Aynaku now moved up as a spongy huggie! and Daniel, Jerine and Get Zapped as new jerry huggies!

Hugs to Everyone and thanks to Blue for drawing this!

9:30 PM, January 09, 2008, Anonymous irvine gave a hug and said...

@ aynaku - hihihi. I think I got it from her!

@ get zapped - let me zapp you back with a great big HUG!!!


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