Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Illustration Friday: Poof!

Irvine left for school an hour ago and I just finished with the new template for this blog. I scanned through my folders, getting rid of useless files when I came upon a super cute thing that made me laugh so long!

Who would think that a 6 year old can discover On His Own (!) that you can draw on MS Word!?

I didn't even knew that it's possible!

"Go Out!" © Irvine, June 04, 2008
MS Word Illustration

Woah! Do you think he meant I should get out of his Documents and Settings folder? Ha! I'm so blessed for having such a genius kid!

Please leave some hugs for Irvine.. he would read them soon as he gets home..

Posted by Irvine's Mom

5 Lovely People:

8:43 PM, August 05, 2008, Blogger ED gave a hug and said...

This is my 1st time here, and your new template is NICE!

Irvine sounds like a really smart kid! :) You must be very proud of him!

8:52 PM, August 05, 2008, Blogger Gai gave a hug and said...

way to go Irvine. Keep drawing. what a great mum to encourage you to blog your work. brilliant.

9:05 PM, August 05, 2008, Blogger Irvine's Mom gave a hug and said...

Thanks for the nice words, Ed and Gai! He is really a great kid! And boy I can just imagine a few years from now what he will say about his blog...

3:42 PM, August 06, 2008, Blogger Cris Alhadeff gave a hug and said...

Very smart guy! Your work fantastic!

5:42 AM, August 07, 2008, Anonymous irvine gave a hug and said...

{{hugs cris}}

Thanks! You're sweet...

We will add you to our list of huggies... but unfortunately your profile is not accessible and I don't know your blog. Hope you drop by again so we can link you up!


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